Steph Curry’s Effusive Praise for D’Antoni, and More

Hahn transcribed some of Jared Rothstein’s interview with Steph Curry, who really seems like he’s looking forward to playing for coach D’Antoni:

The most interesting tidbit from the interview was that Stephen said he was currently reading Jack McCallum’s book, :07 Seconds or Less, which is about Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns and his offensive system.

“It sounds like one of the funnest systems to play in and it’s proven to work,” Curry said. “And when you get the right talent in there, the right personnel who can do it, and use the system to their advantage, I think it makes D’Antoni look really good as a coach.”

“If that was the system I would play under, it would be something I would look forward to every day, just to get in there and run up and down the court and get the shots up and also play a little defense,” he added.

When asked by Rothstein if this was the most ideal system for a player like him, Curry replied, “I think so, because I like the open court and being able to make plays, using ball screens and getting up and down the floor running.”

I wonder where he wants to play…

…when asked about possibly playing for the Knicks, Curry gushed: “That would be a dream come true. One is to have an NBA jersey, two to play at Madison Square Garden and thee to play in front of some of the greatest fans, I think that would be something I would look forward to.”

Also from Hahn’s post:

Oh and did we mention he’s tight with this dude named LeBron?

“We’re pretty good friends right now,” Curry said.

And for what it’s worth, JR asked Stephen to find a comparable NBA player to his skill set. Curry’s reply?

Steve Nash.

See Tommy Dee’s scouting report, comparing Curry to Nash.

And about that promise rumor:

“I haven’t heard that with my own ears,” he told Rothstein. “I keep up with the media and the press and things like that, so I’ve heard about it [Bloghost note: He must be a Fixer by now..welcome Steph]. But until Donnie Walsh calls me on my phone and tell me, then I’m going to have to say it’s not true right now.”

Bloghost note: Maybe Curry’s a Fixer because he heard about the promise rumor, though it should be noted that The Knicks Fix was about the 14th source reporting it, after, inter alia,, HoopsHype, HoopsWorld, The Knicks Blog, RealGM, and The Knicks FanBlog.

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