Curry Turning Skeptics to Converts

First Hahn. Then Reina. And now Tommy Dee.

We’ve been spreading the Curry-love pretty liberally around here going all the way back to January but now some serious group-think is starting to set in. If Berman ever backs him I think we may have to seriously consider switching our support to a different prospect.


  1. SPaceMan

    yeah I’m coming around to the kid as well.i wouldn’t be mad if they picked him at 8.I’m still hoping for griffin or rubio though.

  2. Phil

    I really liked what Reina had to say. Very well balanced and showing what he has to work on and where his strength already lies. I like that he mentioned that Curry needs to work on his penetration, in order to keep D’s honest.

  3. Jon

    I thought Reina’s article was great too. Very accurate scouting report. As far as dribble penetration goes, I think he’s shown he has the handle to get into the teeth of the d, and he has all the shots, but he’s going to have to get much stronger in the upper body to finish consistently at the next level.

    It’s important that people don’t get too carried away with their expectations for Curry early on, now that he’s getting so much hype and attention. Chances are, early in his career he’ll play most of his minutes as a combo guard off the bench in something resembling Nate’s old role. I seriously doubt that D’Antoni is just going to hand him the reins.

    Steve Nash’s transition/ascension to an elite player PG in the pros didn’t happen until his 5th season. The team that takes Curry (hopefully the Knicks) might have to be similarly patient.

  4. SlumdogBaller

    Curry is a special player that’s for sure and it’s nice to see that people are supporting the idea of him to the Knicks.

    That said, I think there are a couple of other players whom I think we should be looking at before Curry if they are available: Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings. I love Evans’ two-way abilities and his athleticism and Brandon should be a top 3 pick (though there’s very little chatter of him being considered ahead of Thabeet or Hill at this point).

    I’d take either of these two guys (Jennings, Evans) before Curry although i’m not quite sure they’ll still be on the board when the Knicks pick at 8.

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