Donnie Mullin’ over Chris as knext knicks GM?

Petey Vescey is reporting rumors of a tacit agreement for Chris Mullin to become the next GM. Personally, I think the Glen Grunwald/Donnie Walsh combination has been working just fine, but Vescey also indicates that Walsh wants to groom Mullin as a successor. I find it interesting that Chris Mullin was scouting Davidson earlier in the year.

Photo courtesy of ESPN
Photo courtesy of ESPN


  1. Jon

    If true, I think this is a great development. After a couple of false steps at the beginning of his Golden State tenure (specifically giving Foyle and Derek Fisher big long-term contracts), Mullin recovered and proved to be an astute talent evaluator who understood how a team should fit together.

    He assembled one of the most exciting teams in the league by putting together a great mix of in-their-prime veterans and tantalizing young players. It was only this year, when he saw his power usurped, that the Warriors fell apart. And even though the Warriors are a foundering disaster at the moment, thanks to Mullin, they still have Monta Ellis, Brandan Wright, Anthony Randolph, and Marco Bellinelli to rebuild with (although I suspect the men in charge over there now will screw it up).

    As for Grunwald, I agree that he’s done a really nice job. But I think he’s perfect where he is as a right-hand man doing legwork for the lead dog. Hopefully, he’d stay with the organization after Donnie retires and continue in that role for Mullin.

    I really hope this information is accurate because Donnie is surely nearing the end of his career and it’d be nice to know that the Knicks will be in the hands of a smart, proven, NY born and bred GM for the foreseeable future.

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