You Heard It Here First! Stephon Marbury will be a Spur.



Friend of 3 posted a comment on yesterday that amounts to a major scoop for us! Here, in relevant part, is what he said:

I want this mess to end soon, because believe it or not a certain number 3 has had a discussion with a certain texas team and no not dallas. No matter how much is reported that they are not interested they reached out to him[.]

We know the Texas team isn’t Dallas. And there hasn’t been much talk of Stephon winding up in Houston. There have been some San Antonio rumors though. We’ll see how good Friend of 3’s information is soon enough.

My take? Stephon who?

Disclaimer: You might’ve guessed it by I don’t wan’t to leave any doubt…This post is NOT meant to be taken seriously.



  1. Italian Stallion

    If true, I wonder if it will part of a 2-1 trade or after a buyout. Either way, I think I’ll enjoy watching Marbury being part of a good team forced to play under extreme playoof pressure just to see what happens.

  2. Dan L

    You know, as bad as I think Steph is, it would be very interesting to see him on a team like the Spurs who would be a a potential playoff team without him. I’d like to see how he and the team respond. Plus the Spurs are so disciplined, I have a feeling he might actually be able to succeed there. Like Randy Moss going to the Pats.

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