1. friend of 3

    Ok I am a little biased here because of personal interactions, but Steph is a little off when it comes to basketball (I know Iknow understatement) But I will say for this year only (which is wrong of him) He came in and did everything he needed to for a basketball standpoint (Need that new contract and I told him) he should have done this years ago. But they created a mess (Dolan ) did and walsh and dantoni went with it. Dig deeper if you can but I will tell you He was baited into this and he wouldn’t listen (Which has been his problem for years) I want this mess to end soon, because believe it or not a certain number 3 has had a discussion with a certain texas team and no not dallas. No matter how much is reported that they are not interested they reached out to him

  2. Heri

    Regardless Marbury, you should understand that coach needed to bring out the best in Marbury for the best possible return value for our team in a trade and to have a decent point/off guard bench player till traded, badly lacking all season. Coach has failed real bad in accomplishing this for the best of the team. It’s ironic, but the best for the team would had been the best for Marbury too. In failing with Marbury, coach failed with my team. What do you think? I ask you, is the terrible play in the six game losing streak just a coincidence that it started with the Marbury’s paid visit in LA? It couldn’t have anything to do with the teams play since then, could it? No way, unless some players had a mind of their own and didn’t like the situation would it affect the teams play. Knicks must end it asap no matter how much you like or dislike Marbury. This is about the Knicks and no one else.

  3. Dan L

    Sorry Heri, I don’t think the on-court situation and the current losing streak has anything to do with Marbury or whether he self-promoted in LA or not. If Marbury was on the squad, or replaced on the roster with some mediocre free agent guard, would we have won any of the previous six games? Who knows? But more importantly, who cares?

    I’ve said it before. I am not going to care too much about short-term micromanagement tactics that have negligible significance to the long-term strategy. I certainly am not going to judge Walsh and D’Antoni’s success or failure after 30 games. Instead, I’ll wait 246 games, or after the 2010 season, to decide if failed or succeeded.

  4. Heri

    Who cares about winning?!? “You play to win the game!” I care about winning, D seems to care about winning and if you’re a Knicks fan; you should care about winning too. Don’t give me any BS about 2010.

  5. Dan L

    Good Herm Edwards quote there Heri. Go Knicks, now and especially in 2010. I loved the Willie Anderson cap clearing Knicks, even though I knew they wouldn’t win the title. I still supported the plan and we wound up with a much better team for it. A team that made the finals in 1999. Same situation.

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