LeBroptimism + Draft Rumors = Beautiful

After months of stagnation (that led to some natural LePessimism) on the Lebron James sweepstakes rumor mill, we’re now enjoying a seeming tidal wave of LeBroptimism coupled today with a very interesting draft rumor. This new tidbit comes courtesy of Brent Axe at Syracuse.com by way of Tommy Dee at the Knicks Blog. Here’s the take away:

Most of you will remember that Flynn attended Lebron’s skills academy last summer where he did very, very well.

I’m sure most of you also remember this report about King James courting Flynn’s services for his agent, Leon Rose.

Just so happens Rose was also recently on the SU campus to give a lecture.

See where we are heading? We don’t exactly need the team from “CSI” to crack this one.

What may take the team from “CSI” to prove is what is becoming a favorite conspiracy theory of mine.

Two NBA scouts that Kevin Ware (the producer and update anchor on my ESPN Radio show) spoke with today said that the New York Knicks love Flynn. We all know how badly the Knicks are going to want Lebron next summer.

It turns out that love is mutual as some spies tell me that Flynn is a big Knicks guy and can’t wait to work out for them to show them what he can do.

Wow. I mean I like Jonny Flynn a great deal. I think he’s a very nice prospect and I view him as the 3rd best pure PG presently expected to be in the draft (after Rubio and Jennings).

But, much more importantly, LeBron apparently loves Jonny Flynn. And the Knicks love LeBron and Jonny Flynn. And Jonny Flynn loves LeBron and the Knicks. Does Lebron love the Knicks with Jonny Flynn? Perhaps only time will tell. In the meantime, though, another nice dose of LeBroptimism and a juicy draft rumor to boot. Ya gotta love that.


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  2. Crick

    Sad to see Johnny leave, but if he’s got to go somewhere, let it be to the Knicks so that our sites can cover him.

    And if LeBron comes to… well that’d be pretty cool too, I guess.


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