Yankees’ Players: LeBron On His Way To Broadway

Jon mentioned this yesterday, but we’ve updated the chart:

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  1. Heri

    Again?!? You just don’t understand, can you? A little wet behind the ears, maybe?

    The Yankees players said they believe, not that it’s a given!

    They obviously have a feeling and not a knowledge. It’s the same feeling that I wrote about recently. I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    Walsh needs to poke muscle head Dolan’s peanut to secure the best suite in the stadium with the best possible access around the training facility, pool and team itself.

    What you are hearing from the club house is a knowledge that they hold a strong key and hold the strong key with open arms.

    This is the only thing taking place around here. LeBron hasn’t told anyone anything! Do I have to tell you everything?

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