Rebuild in New York?

The debate continues to rage. I tried to lay it down real clear in the “Lottery Dream or Nightmare?” post, but judging from a similar-type post over at the Knicks Blog and the comments left for Tommy Dee, this debate will continue.

Look, both Isiah Thomas and Scott Layden, perhaps taking their cues from James Dolan, believed that you can’t rebuild in New York. Look where that has gotten the Knicks. Every team goes through cycles, up and down. The Knicks are in an extended down cycle because of their foolish tendency to take on long term contracts for marginal talent, whether its Travis Knight, Shandon Anderson, Howard Eisley, Keith Van Horn, Tim Thomas (first time), Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Jarred Jeffries, or even Zach Randolph (I’m not including Q-Rich in here because we also got Nate as part of that trade, though Nate might not even be on the squad by the time it is ready to really compete again).

Now Donnie Walsh is trying to clear those salaries away so that the Knicks can land someone, or three people (notice I didn’t write LeBron), who deserve the stage at the World’s Most Famous Arena, and a case of short-sightedness spreads like the flu.

I know some people don’t want to listen, but you have to stay patient, and as Tommy Dee says, stay positive. Just remember, the Knicks implemented a similar plan before with great success. Does anybody remember the Willie Anderson Knicks?

New rule proposal: Anyone who bashes Walsh because of the current state of the Knicks, which is a byproduct of a long range plan, forfeits their right to root for the team in 2010 (unless the Knicks stink then too, in which case they can say they told us so).



  1. Virgill

    I agree rebuilding in NY is very tough especially in this time. I am a long time Knicks sufferer, missed my days of starks, X, Ewing, Oak, Mace and Granmama. They didn’t win but boy did they compete. Anyway I don’t think I would have a problem with this if we the fans were’t being lied to..Don’t tell me this is a playoff team, don’t tell me its about being competitive and they are not. Don’t tell me its about cost cutting. Tell me we will stink while we go through this process. If we want to be competitive use what we have. We have 6 spots collecting a check, if they aren’t in the future get rid of them and lets find pieces that will. I know it takes time and patience, but some issues (marbury, james and rose)should be dealt with immediately. Bring in Ew jr and D nichols and see if they can contribute. Make robeson better and play him. Get Curry off his butt and make him work. Thats what I want to see

  2. Dan L

    I can definitely understand where you are coming from Virgill. I cut my teeth in the 90s too. Those were fun times. Anyway, I think the Knicks players and probably Mike D’Antoni would like to make the playoffs, and certainly they all talk about trying to get there. Right now it doesn’t look like it will happen.

    Also, I think you are right about Jerome James, at least. We could cut him and bring up a prospect from the D-League. I’d hold onto Malik though because he could turn out to be an asset come February with his expiring deal. If he doesn’t, well we could always cut him in February and bring up a prospect.

    Also, I think Donnie has a plan that he will try to execute around the deadline. I could be wrong but I think that this team will get another makeover this season, around the trade deadline, at which time I believe that the Knicks will utilize all if not most of their spots.

  3. Virgill

    Yea it is just frustrating to have to sit through this. We know what it is I just wish they say it and stop driving me crazy. I just can’t seem to get by Dantoni and his ways. There is something about him that just leaves me not to trust him. I wish we had mark jackson

  4. Heri

    You rebuild when you have to rebuild, but the Knicks have enough talent that rebuilding isn’t from scratch. We have building blocks to work with like Chandler, Nate, Duhon, Lee and Gallo; back willing. We threw away Zack for nothing in one retiring return. Harrington is a decent vet that can help now and maybe 2010 too. We blew up and away Marbury’s value in his play and trade value. Isiah had a decent eye for talent and we didn’t exactly have an expansion team to work or start with. We have a team that has good young building blocks that should get optimum development in the playoffs which should also help in drawing the attention of the 2010 free agent class towards the Meca. We haven’t played all our cards correctly and someone needs to get his head out of his azz with Marbury.

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