Start Turning Those Wheels

Virgil, our favorite visitor from the Atl, asked a good question of HoopsWorld’s Bill Ingram during his chat this afternoon and got a pretty favorable answer:

virgil in atl ga:
the knicks have some decisions to make, do you think they have enough to trade for the #1 or 2 pick

Bill Ingram:
I don’t think they get the #1. The Kings are high on Griffin, though the dream scenario would be for OKC to win the lottery and get the local hero. Could they get #2 from the Wiz? I don’t know. Would they take something like Nate Robinson? The Wiz are built to win now or win never, so maybe . . .

So that’d be cool. Let’s start cooking up some scenarios. I’ll go first. How’s about:

A sign and trade of KryptoKlown and the Knicks’ 1st round pick (presently 8th) for Mike James and the Wizards’ first round pick (presently 2nd).

Of course, there are some mitigating factors to consider such as: (1) this all becomes moot if the Knicks win the lottery and work their way up into the top 3 and (2) KryptoKlown can’t be moved until July 9th because it would have to be in a sign and trade. This means that on draft day the Knicks and Wizards would have to agree to draft a player on each other’s behalf and then consummate the trade several weeks later.

Additionally, while Ingram provided some optimism about possibly moving up in the draft, he then proceeded to pour cold water on the Nash to New York scenarios:

Mike D’Antoni in NY, NY:
Will Nash and I be reunited next season?

Bill Ingram:
I can’t imagine Nash leaving one project team for another. If he leaves Phoenix it will be for a contender, not a lottery team.


  1. virgil

    Thanks 4 noticing. I flooded him questions. Another I had was lee for thunder/nuggets first round pick somewhere in the 20’s n another 1 of their picks. I’m not gonna include curry in any of the discussions cause he ain’t going anywhere.

  2. Jon

    I think we can probably get a higher pick than that for Lee considering that most NBA-types view this as a weak draft but I definitely agree that we’re stuck with Curry.

  3. virgil

    U think we can get more than 2 first round picks for lee. He’s good but I don’t think that good that we can get more. Even if its a 2010 pick we should still be good.

  4. Jon

    It’s not that I think we can get more than 2 first rounders for him, it’s just that I’d rather have 1 lottery pick than 2 picks in the 20s. I think we can get at least a lottery pick for Lee if we decide to trade him.

  5. Heri

    We have gone from what may have been the best draft in the history of the game to what comes now as one of the worst.

    Lee we don’t trade for a crap shoot.

    Now, didn’t I say a week or two ago that we need to go after Rubio and I was told it was impossible? No way was I told it could happen. It was completely shot down.

    Well, we need to move up to the second draft pick position is what we’re talking about now and I say at any expense, including Lee or Nate.

    Yes, finally we now agree it can happen.

    Rubio must also throw his name into the draft and I’m sure that if he knew New York was picking second it would happen.

    That is, unless you feel that baby Pistol Pete isn’t good enough.

  6. Dan L

    You’re right Heri. I did shoot you down. You’re right to call me out on this HOWEVER I think this is a special situation. The Wizards are the only team that MIGHT trade out of the second slot, since they are built to win now (Butler, Jamison, Arenas), and have little use for a project. That said, this assumes that they get the #1 pick, nobody offers anything better than Lee and Nate for a potential franchise stud.

    I don’t think any team other than the Wizards trades out of the second pick.

  7. Jon

    If Rubio is in the draft then we won’t be able to get up to 2nd. And no one calls him Baby Pistol Pete.

  8. Heri

    You also shot me down on calling the Gallo back surgery and let’s not forget the possibility of a Bosh trade.

    Do you realize that Rubio may go between 3 and 5 due to playing in Europe, wrist injury and weak outside shot. Not to mention a teams need or his expensive contract buy out at a time when most NBA teams are having financial problems, especially those that lost a lot of games and are lottery headed.

    Chandler, Lee, Nate, our first round pick and maybe Gallo can all be used to come up with a combination that can land Rubio.

    Last season we didn’t get it done for Mayo, this time I hope Walsh just does it.

  9. Heri

    What do you do with LeBron? Do you allow him to test the free agent market and risk losing him or do you trade him to get some return value before his testing the free agent market? Cleveland is feeling the pressure, the pressure is on them. The Cleveland owner gave a one million to one possibility in their favor that LeBron wouldn’t jump ship. Keep talking knuckle head, it’s Mr. Diplomatic listening.

  10. Heri

    I’ve never seen an athlete in any sport be so under appreciated in his value than Hansbrough.

    This guy can’t do this or he can’t do that. He’s not athletic enough and won’t make it in the NBA. He will be over matched.

    Behind Rubio, give me Curry, behind Curry give me Hansbrough. I pick Curry over Hansbrough only because of D’s system.

    Oh sure, you can get more height, muscle, athletism, leap, talent, this, that and what ever. Just give me Hansbrough, that’s all; it’s enough.

  11. Heri

    Has anybody invited LeBron to a Yankees game yet at the new baseballs Mecca?

    Get the poor guy a year round suite, let him try out one of the restaurants, give him a tour and give him season tickets to the best available seats in the house and let him go for a swim in the club houses swimming pool for crying out loud.

    Show him where he can kick it.

    Nothing wrong with talking baseball with the guy, is it?

  12. Dan L

    “You also shot me down on calling the Gallo back surgery and let’s not forget the possibility of a Bosh trade.”

    Jeez Heri, I concede one point to you, albeit on a highly conditional, fact-specific basis and you take the chance to say I told you so about so many other things too?

    I disagree with you about Gallo. Too soon to say bust. Let’s see what happens with the surgery. The 14-14 numbers don’t lie. So let’s just see what happens.

    I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to with Bosh. I think there is a chance the Knicks could get him but he would have to force Toronto’s hand by saying he’d only play New York, because other teams can put together better packages for him than the Knicks can.

  13. Jon

    Are you asking why Dan and I haven’t invited Lebron to a Yankees game? Or are you asking why the Knicks aren’t tampering with another team’s player?

  14. SpaceMan

    I’m crazy disappointed that ed davis is staying in school.he could have been that dark horse we could have drafted.I’ve seen little of him recently, but i could tell he’s going to be a stud.

    i definitely see the knicks trading up.the talent pool is drying up.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if the lotto pick 2-5 are available.if the wizards pick rubio, I’d like to see us go after nick young.

  15. Jon

    @ Spaceman:

    I completely agree about Ed Davis. His upside is intriguing to the point that it’d be difficult to pass on big man with that kind of potential if they Knicks were picking 8th regardless of which guards were left on the board (unless Rubio or Harden were somehow sitting there). Physically, he reminds me a little of Lamarcus Aldridge.

    If Rubio is in, though, I suspect that he’d go second and that the first 2 picks will be off limits in a trade (or the Knicks won’t have the ammo to get them anyway). But I’d love to see the Knicks get up into range to draft James Harden if they could. I think he’s the one player besides Griffin and Rubio in this draft that could develop into the focal point of a playoff team.

  16. Heri

    When I said Gallo would need back surgery, I was given the crazy prediction response.

    Gallo’s value has taken a hugh hit.

    His record isn’t 14-14. If anything, being damaged goods makes him a reason for the Knicks losing. His record is the Knicks record.

    He was damage goods before the draft.

    As for Bosh, I had said Toronto may trade him before it was mentioned in the news. I was given the crazy prediction response again.

  17. Heri

    As for LeBron, you must hit him with what he loves.

    He obviously loves the Yankees enough to wear the Yankees cap during a playoffs game in Cleveland.

    Dolan is an ***, but a cool and lively owner could meet with the Yankees owners to shake hands for the best interest of sports in the city.

    A sure way to lure LeBron to the city is for a year round suite at the stadium with VIP treatment at games and through out the stadium with club house entry when possible.

    Let him use the pool, what the heck.

    If you can make him a part of the Yankees, to the best extent possible; it would lure his love for sports to be closer to the Knicks.

    What I’m saying is that if the Knicks want LeBron, they must pull off all the luring tactics possible and the new billion dollar stadium as a home is one of them and a strong one for LeBron too.

    You can’t tamper with another teams player, but you can certainly start talking with the Yankees owners to start working on what exactly you can sell at Yankees stadium in such case as LeBron.

  18. Heri

    When LeBron hangs out with his boy JC, you don’t think there’s any tampering that takes place?

    Don’t be surprise if LeBron and JC breaks out some music together. Some rap lines for LeBron to break out in the back ground of JC.

    That sounds about right.

    Here’s another crazy prediction, “Don’t be surprise to hear about a LeBron rap mix.” With JC all over it.

  19. Heri

    Just finished reading where Gallo’s surgery was said to be a success.

    Which is good because it means no unknown negative BS came into play.

  20. SpaceMan

    i like harden alot.chad ford’s mock lottery nba draft has the knicks taking him.i’d be cool with that.

  21. Jon

    If Chad is right about the current state of the board, I think getting Harden would be the best possible outcome short of winning the lottery. It’s like Paul Pierce slipping to 10. It’s amazing the lengths NBA GMs go to get themselves fired.

  22. Heri

    No, not Jesus; but you’ll meet Jesus and walk mano-a-mano with Jesus, talk to Jesus and stay with Jesus before Gallo becomes Bird.

    Say hello to Jesus.


  23. ez

    Has anybody invited LeBron to a Yankees game yet at the new baseballs Mecca?

    Get the poor guy a year round suite, let him try out one of the restaurants, give him a tour and give him season tickets to the best available seats in the house and let him go for a swim in the club houses swimming pool for crying out loud.

    Heri that’s called tampering and its illegal. However Lebron if your reading i have tickets to the 4.20 game against the a’s. if you agree to sign with knicks i promise ill take you to the game. ill even buy you a pulled pork sandwich and fish bowl from brother jimmys.

  24. ez

    I’ve never seen an athlete in any sport be so under appreciated in his value than Hansbrough.

    hansborough is a projected first round pick, most experts think his value is somewhere around the 20th-30th best player in the nation. tom brady was a sixth round pick. albert pujols was taken in the 13th round. both players are arguably the greatest at their respective sport in the past decade.

    you think hansborough is better than griffin? how? why?

  25. Heri

    Yes it is tampering, my point is that if he’s really a Yankees fan the new stadium could be used as a lure. One of the suites at the stadium could be his. Imagine his being able to live at the stadium. Kick back in your pad and enjoy the game, not on TV; but live, right through the open curtains of your patio. I tell you, a true Yankees fan wouldn’t say no.

  26. Heri

    Oh no, he’s not better than Griffin.
    Problem is Griffin won’t be around by the time the Knicks pick. Hansborugh will. But, what we really need is Baby Pistol Pete.

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