Chad Ford: Knicks on the Right Track

During Chad Ford’s chat today, he summarized the Knicks’ season from the thinking man’s perspective:

Dave (NYC): Would you consider this new york knick season a failure

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1:07 PM ET ) No way. Isiah Thomas is gone. That alone should count for something. They moved Zach Randolph’s horrendous contract. They hired the best coach in basketball, Mike D’Antoni. And they got terrific performances from a few of their young players like David Lee and Nate Robinson. When you look at the big picture, the Knicks are finally heading in the right direction. When’s the last time you could say that?

Too true Chad, too true. Surprisingly, he failed to give Isiah any credit there for winning only 23 games and thus leaving Donnie Walsh with the 6th pick in last year’s draft.

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