Chad Ford’s Draft Prediction for Knicks: Stephen Curry

Remember, Chad Ford called the Knicks taking Gallinari EARLY last year, months before the draft. So I think it’s worth a listen when he pushes Stephen Curry this year, this far from the draft (he was at it months ago, too):

Dan (Boston): If Davidson misses out on the Tourney does Stephen Curry drop out of the lottery or is he inevitably going to be taken by NY?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1:37 PM ET ) I think the Knicks and Bobcats both love him. I don’t see him slipping much further than that. He’s perfect for D’Antoni’s system and Knicks fans would love him.

I tend to agree with Chad’s take. What he doesn’t mention is how much LeBron loves Stephen Curry, and even goes out of his way to watch him live.


  1. Jon

    We could do a lot worse. I wouldn’t be too fazed by Andrew’s review over at The Knicks Blog ( though he’s absolutely correct that Curry has struggled some in recent weeks.

    Every defense he faces on the college level is geared purely to shut him down. His teammates are not up to par and they aren’t able to keep the opposition honest at all.

    He’s injured (ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago) and tired at this point but if you want to know what he’s capable of look no further than his play against Duke and Oklahoma earlier in the year.

    Here’s the last 8 minutes of the OK game:
    Watch how he’s defended and how he sees the floor and sets up his teammates (even though they can’t do anything with it). Curry is definitely not one-dimensional.

  2. Heri

    Curry would be a right fit in D’s system, but we have enough to get who ever we want. No one will be a better fit than Ricky Rubio and we should go all out to land him if he’s in the draft. We can offer a combination with Lee, Nate, Chandler, Gallo and our draft pick itself. From these five we should be able to land what ever we want. We need a point second to none for the next ten years and Rubio will be it. We have what it takes to get him and we should not fear trading what ever it takes to have him if he is in the draft.

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